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Halloween Basket Ideas

This year is the first year that Darcy is fully aware about Halloween. As I won't be taking her Trick or Treating. I thought it would be nice to make her a Halloween basket so she can enjoy it her own little way.

I kept it cheap and cheerful, I don't really like spending lots of money on things that she will only use a handful of times.

 Cauldron £1, Lollipop 59p, Chocolate Balls 99p - Home Bargains

I brought the cauldron from Home Bargains, along with some chocolate balls and lollipop.

FunnyBones Book - Amazon £3.85
Meg& Mog DVD - Sainsbury £3 

I had a blast from with past with the Funnybones book and Meg and Mog DVD. You don't even have to buy a book or DVD, a visit to your local library will have a great selection and you can return them after Halloween is over.

Top - H & M £2.99

If you saw my Halloween Half Term Fun post, you would have seen this top I got from H & M for only £2.99. I brought it a size bigger so it will last Darcy a while.

Headband - Aldi £1.79
Mason Jar - Poundworld £1
  The pumpkin head band is from Aldi and the plastic Mason jar I got from Poundworld.

I hope this gave you some ideas, have you made a Halloween basket for your little one this year?


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