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Lush Halloween Haul 2016

Goodbye Summer, hello Halloween Lush! This year Lush have brought out some new amazing products. And I couldn’t help but visiting my local branch at Brent Cross to buy some goodies after seeing all the pictures on Instagram, I was having serious FOMO

The Monster’s Ball is a new addition for Halloween 2016. First off how cute is this one eye monster? It shares it scent with the well loved Calacas products ( iIf you don’t know what the Calacas scent is, think of a lime jelly bean). It contains Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Frankincense and once in the bath it spills out the colours of pinks, teals, purples and blues. Leaving bath water a deep purple, his eyeball actually a melt, so that adds to a already moisturising bath.

The Pumpkin is a unique scent. You won’t get a jaw dropping colour display with this bath bomb. What you will get however is a truly autumnal scent. It’s rather spicy with a soft zesty edge, which will leave your bath a warm orange colour. The Scent fills your bathroom and lingers on the skin for a few hours afterwards too.

Autumn Leave is a slow fizzing bath bomb, which I am a fan of. Autumn Leaf dissolves at the perfect speed to really enjoy all the colours that come out of this bath bomb. The main scents are neroli, sandalwood and maple sap, it's earthy but not too earthy. Not the usual scent I would go for but i’m totally in love with it.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar made with Juniper berry, Lime and Grapefruit oils and it smells like a mix between citrus and cinnamon. The bubble bar is covered in golden luster and once crumbled into the bath, makes a sparkly autumnal orange colour and gives off lots of bubbles so you can definitely get a few baths out of it and don’t worry all the luster surprisingly does not coat the bath and washes off easily. I Iove it's presentation and scent. I would buy this again.

Lord of Misrule features Patchouli (one of my favourite scents, and black pepper which has a ton of good properties. Sweet vannila, spice, basically it's a really sexy scent. Once in the water it starts to turn the bath a green colour. As it continues to fizz around, the pink centre starts to ooze out and turn the bath a wine colour. It also features a popping candy.  The scent lingered on my skin for hours later, I really wish I had the Lord of Misrule limited edition perfume to go with it. I might have to browse eBay for  one.

Also featuring for Halloween 2016 are a selection of soaps, bath melt, body shimmer and knot wraps.

So that was my Halloween Lush haul for 2016. Are you a fan of Lush? What are your favourite products?


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