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The Perfect Christmas Dress | Lovedrobe*

So I think I may have found the perfect dress in the history of dresses! I've been putting off finding a Christmas and New Year's eve party dress, all I knew was I wanted a little black dress. Then the lovely guys over at Lovedrobe contact me asking if I would like to review one of their dresses. I was only browsing their range of dresses for a little while when I clapped eyes on this dress, I just had to had it.

Dress / Boots (Similar)

I'm a huge fan of the skater style, which is feminine and very flattering and suits most body shapes. I'm also in love with the sleeve detail of the dress. There is no stretch in the fabric, however I found the sizing true to size. I found this dress really comfortable to wear. Another positive is their range goes up to a size 32.

If the skater style is not for you, Lovedrobe literally have an outfit  for everyone. From maxi dresses to jumpsuit, to shoes and accessories they have your back. 

I'd love to know if you are attending any Christmas parties this year, and what you'll' be wearing.


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