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To Vape, Or Not To Vape? That is the question*

So we have made it to the end of January woop woop!! So how are getting on with those new Year Resolutions?  looking to stop smoking and get healthy? have you thought about giving Vaping a try?

Out of nowhere vaping has becoming very popular. From Vape cafes to Vape festivals there is no escaping it, Vaping is smoking's hottest new trend!

I smoke socially, once in a blue moon. However I have still switched to vaping, today I'm sharing with you a few reasons why I have;

It saves you money, even with kitting yourself out with new vaping equipment and e liquids. Just think what you could do with that money you had saved, a holiday, new shoes and more

You won't smell of cigarettes anymore. Vaping is completely odourless, which means your house, car, clothes and most importantly your breath will not smell anymore.

It's convenient, you can order your vaping equipment and e liquid online. Vapelux sell high quality and stylish vaping products such as; Shisha sticks, starter kits and e liquids from popular brands including eliquids from Grey Haze

There are lots of different flavours and strengths to pick from. From bubblegum, to coffee to mint. There are lots of different flavours to pick from. You can even pick the strength of nicotine, lowering it over time will mean you won't need nicotine anymore.

You can smoke your vape pen virtually anywhere, so no need to be freezing your butt off outside whilst having a smoke or having to leave your non smoking friends to go out for a quick puff on social nights out!

You will look and feel healthier, it's no secret that smoking slows you down and makes you age faster

So what are your opinions on vaping? I would love to hear them

*collaborative post


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