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My Top #mummoments In Time For Mother's Day*

I'm not going to lie to you, but parenting can be really challenge at times, especially when you are a single parent. However, for every challenging moment, there are 10 amazing ones. 

Hearing Darcy tell me she loves me, I will never ever get tired of hearing it.

Watching her doing something thoughtful for someone else, from kissing Grandma's bad knee better, wanting to buy her dad a pair of socks because it was his favourite colour, to giving away her dummies to the dummy fairy to give to babies who need them more than herself. She is always thinking of other people.

Mummy  & Darcy's Days, every Wednesday is our dedicated day.  I always make sure we do something from going to soft play, visiting a museum, going out for lunch or just at home baking cookies. I really cherish our quality time together.

Seeing things through her eyes, watching her experience new things. Her sense of achievement when she completes something for the first time.

Being silly together, from making up songs, making up dance routines and making up random names for each other. There is never a dull moment in this house.

Going to Disneyland Paris for her 3rd birthday. I saved up forever to take her and to hear her say " this is the best birthday ever!" melted my heart. It was truly the best three days and I'm saving up to take her again soon.

www.truprint.co.uk have come up with a #MumMoments infographic with lots of great hints and tips on how to treat your Mum this Mothers Day Sunday 26th March 2017. Which gives you plenty of time to plan something special.

What are your top#mummoments?

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