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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

We're officially in April, which means Easter is going to be here before we know it. This will be my third year making D an Easter Basket. This year however I am toning it down a little. I'm getting bits which she actually needs and will use post the Easter Holiday. I'm also not getting her an Easter egg this year, as last year she got loads!!

Easter Basket Toddler Ideas

Bunny Crown // Book // Lip Balm // Umbrella // Plastic Eggs // Chalk

Like most kids her age D loves dressing up, my eyes were instantly drawn to this quirky bunny crown and matching wand. I know for sure she will not want to take it off for a long long time

I also came across this book whilst browsing on Amazon. D has a similar Christmas theme one and it will make a brill addition to her ever-growing book collection. 

I've decided to get her a lip balm as she insists on borrowing mine all the time! You can't really go wrong with a birthday cake flavour one can you?

We've got to prepare for those pesky April Showers, her beloved Minnie Mouse umbrella recently broke. This will make a fab replacement.

Although I said I wasn't going to get her an Easter Egg. It doesn't mean she can't have a few sweets. I'm planning on filling these empty plastic eggs with sweets, and some cheap and cheerful bits and bobs from the Pound shop.

As it's now getting a little warmer, we will be spending more time in the garden. These egg shape chalks will keep her entertained for a few hours at least.

The older she becomes, the more excited I get looking for fun things to put in her basket. I know she will be more excited for the edible things, but I am sure she will appreciate the other bits and bobs. 

I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with D over the Easter holiday.  We go on our annual Easter egg hunt and than sit down to a scrumpious Sunday Lunch with her great grandparents.

Have you got any fun Easter basket ideas? I would love to see them


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