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Spring Wardrobe Update*

I am loving that the weather is finally starting to get better - I know we have had the odd glitch with sunny days, but generally we're starting to see more sunshine than rain, which is always a good thing.

With the change of season I have started to think about what I'll be wearing for Spring/Summer 2017. I've found myself getting somewhat lazy with my outfits, relying on skinny jeans, checked shirts or black jumpers with ankle boots. Whilst I'll never turn my back on my beloved black skinny jeans, I find myself daydreaming of wearing floaty tops and cute swing dresses. I'm rather excited for the new season and wardrobe. 


Sunglassess // Bag // Sandals // Jeans // Top // Kimono

I love anything that's both cute and comfortable - practical things that can be worn while chasing a toddler usually win in my book, but occasionally I like to step out of my comfort zone and mix things up a bit. I'm determined to clear out all the clothes that I do not wear anymore and invest in a few Spring-like pieces such as this floral kimono from New Look.

I also went on one of my favourite website Lovethesales. I love how simple the site is to navigate as it searches sale items from 500 UK retailers including; Evans, Simply Be and Dorothy Perkins.There are lots of different filters to shop by colour, price, brand, size and more, tis is tetypeof site that you do not have to feel guilty about!. If you sign up to the website you get even better deals

How will you be updating your spring wardrobe this year?


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