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Everything You Need to Set Up a Study Space*

 Chair // Calendar // Pedestal // Dressing Table // Bin
The summer holidays are almost over, which mean I will be going back to college, which I'm obviously excited about as I get to buy stationary! Something which is slightly more important than pretty pens/notebooks is a decent area inwhich I can study.

You'll need a desk with enough space to make sure everything is within reach. Although technically this is a dressing table, it would still makes the great desk. Oak Furniture company has some of the best oak furniture around.

You could team up the desk with a comfy office chair, not only stylist but designed with a scoop back and foam cushioning for long-lasting comfort and support. Having a bad back will cut your work productively, your mood and ultimately affect your health.

To stop you losing your mind when you've lost your notes, grab this useful 6 drawers pedestal and file like a pro. Not only will this free up a lot of desk space, it will always give you the opportunity to organise things together.

Like most people I used to use my phone calendar to keep my schedule, however now I find it is easier to keep up to date when i can see it in front of me. This chalkboard calendar planner will make sure you will never miss another deadline.

And rubbish shouldn't rule your study area, make sure you clean up behind yourself with a bin. I wouldn't be a lifestyle blogger if I didn't have a touch of rose gold would I?

So those are a few of my suggestions on what you will need to make the perfect study space. What tips/hints do you have to create a study area?


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