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How to style trainers outside of the gym*

In the last couple of years, humble women’s trainers have moved up and up as fashion accessories, meaning they’re no longer resigned to the gym or sports field. If you’ve seen fashionable ladies on the street rocking trainers with skirts or smart outfits – but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off yourself – here are my ideas for styling trainers from the office to the bar.
Casual but stylish weekend look
You’re heading out for a big day of shopping and need some comfy footwear, or want to look your best to see the in-laws and know there’ll probably be a walk involved. Take the lead from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on how to make trainers look chic with a weekend outfit. Here she teams a pair of tight jeans and a plain T-shirt with some pale grey trainers that she’s coordinated with her fedora. I love the fact she’s gone for a pastel blazer draped over her shoulders and a matching pastel bag to make everything a little bit girly.
Smart workwear
If you have to walk to work or are out and about at meetings all day, the last thing you want on your feet is heels. Most of us have to look groomed for the office though, but fortunately there are plenty of options out there. Take a look at the PU knot skaters in the trainer selection from Tu available at Sainsbury’s – they’re ideal as they’re a smart black and have an oversized bow on the front to make them more dressy. Plus they also look seriously comfy. Wear them with a suit or a skirt and a smart top to give your outfit an edge. 

Comfy date night 
You’re not a girly-girl, that’s ok, don’t feel like you have to wear heels just because it’s date night. Your other half will want you to be comfortable and feel yourself anyway. A look that’s really elegant with trainers is palazzo pants and a camisole. Keep the trainers more streetwear style than sporty for it to work – a chunky sole is best.
Dress it down
When you have a cool new dress and you can’t wait to wear it out, but you also don’t want to feel overdressed, in step the trainers. If the pleated midi skirts trend was anything to go by, it’s definitely alright to dress down even the girliest of looks with a pair of daps. And good for us, trainers go just as well with this season’s skirts and dresses, like your favourite off the shoulder dress.

Everyday wear
Still not sure about wearing trainers? If Kate Middleton can do it, so can we. You might be the kind of girl who likes to be dolled up, but if practicality comes calling follow Kate’s lead and wear your trainers with some classic slim jeans and a smart jumper or top. Keep trousers ankle length to stop the whole look from being dowdy. You really can go with whatever trainers you like for this everyday style.

Which look is your favourite?


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