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Paw Patrol Live Review

As it's the summer holidays, I've been finding fun things for Darcy to do. I've seen adverts for Paw Patrol Live for ages, but was umming and arrhing over the price of the tickets. Then wonders of wonders, I saw Wowcher had a deal, so I had no excuse and booked tickets for the SSE Arena, Wembley show.

I decided to keep it a surprise, even being on a tube with a whole load of children dressed head to toe in Paw Patrol clothes and costumes!!. Once we were outside the venue, I handed her our tickets and told her what we were seeing. Her little face lit up with excitement, and my eyes started to well up. (please note this will not be the only time I get emotional).

Darcy took advantage of my emotional state and I ended up spending  £15, yes £15 on some flashing light thingy that she wanted. Once I composed myself and we got to our seats, the fun began.
The show opens with Ryder hyping up the crowd more before Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, and Skye introduces themselves with their own personal song.
Everest is seen during a scene later in the show. If your child is a hard-core Paw Patrol fan, be forewarned that the newest pup Tracker does not make an appearance.

Not to spoil the show for you, Adventure Bay are losing the Great Race to Foggy Bottom's Mayor Humdinger because Mayor Goodway sprained her ankle chasing Chickaletta over pumpkins. So Ryder and the pups step in for an action-packed adventure to find three clues hidden around Adventure Bay to make it back to the finish line before the sunsets. After all no job is too big and no pup is too small!!!!

The show is around 60 minutes long, with a 15 minute interval in the middle of the show, which is a good time to go for a quick toilet break.
The show is very interactive, with lots of set changes and use of the pups famous vechicles.The pups costumes were fantastic, using  Bunraku puppetry, which really helped bring the pups to life. I have to say the actress who pays Mayor Goodway was fantastic, she really brought her character to life. Darcy made friends with the boy next to us. They were so excited together hugging and high fiving each other. Half way through the show she shouted this is the best day ever, you're the best! (cue emotional break down number 2)

I have to admit Paw Patrol Live was actually really good. We sang, cheered and danced all throughout it, and left with big smiles on our faces and a even bigger Chase balloon. Which made our journey home on the tube in rush hour rather interesting to say the least!

The rest of the tour dates are below, tickets range from £16.80 - £39.20. However I would suggest checking out Wowcher to see if their deal is still on.

Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham – August 12th and 13th
Echo Arena, Liverpool – August 16th and 17th
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle – August 19th
First Direct Arena, Leeds – August 23rd
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff – August 26th and 27th


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