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Top tips for setting up your kids' first bookshelf*

In a world dominated by technology and screen time it’s more important than ever to create good reading habits from an early age. While developing your little ones’ minds, imagination and language skills, sitting down with a book has also been proven to boost focus and concentration. Here’s just a few top tips for setting up a bookshelf that will inspire a life-long love of reading.
Get creative
From narrow, open facing ledges to statement bookshelves in the shape of trees, a creative and imaginative space will not only encourage your little one to lose themselves amongst their favourite stories, but can also add some serious flair to your home decor.
When designing the space, put some thought into what your child likes. Do they prefer curling up on a cosy chair or would they rather a bookcase enclosed by a canopy and filled with soft floor cushions? Whatever style you go for, make sure their favourite books are accessible and easy to reach.
Give them incentives
Perhaps your little book worm requires no incentives and will gladly spend hours flicking through the pages of their favourite picture books – or perhaps you have to tear them away from the iPad kicking and screaming. Either way, a little incentive will work wonders at keeping them motivated and rewarding their good work. Younger children work well with the classic reward chart, receiving a treat when they’ve collected enough stickers. In the same way, older children will gladly finish that lengthy chapter if it means a night out at their favourite restaurant or a trip to the movies.
While regular day trips could get quite pricey, try to incorporate themed outings on completion of particular texts. Having finished the first book of the Harry Potter series together, why not take a day trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and watch the whole family delight as you wander through Hogwarts? There’s plenty of special features to explore, including Wizarding Wardrobes which takes guests behind the scenes to observe some of the films favourite costumes. Swashbuckling adventure days are a great choice for pirate enthusiasts, while the Roald Dahl Museum comes recommended for fans of The BFG or James and the Giant Peach.
Fill it with favourites
It’s important that your kids’ first bookshelf is bursting with the books they love – from classic easy readers to a handful of more challenging reads. Mix it up with a variety of fictional stories and non-fiction on topics they’ve shown an interest in, from pop-up hardbacks about the animal kingdom to lift-the-flap tales about space.
If you’re going to be doing a lot of the reading yourself, its also important to throw a few of your own favourite childhood books in for good measure. Children love to observe and learn from their parents’ behaviour, and hearing the joy in your voice as you flip through the pages together is sure to inspire and excite.
Switch it up
Children can quickly become bored of the same old paperbacks, but regularly replenishing bookshelves is an expensive affair. Joining the local library is a free and easy solution, giving little imaginations instant access to a multitude of books. Incorporate a trip to your local library every few weeks into your family routine, adding some fresh and exciting reading material to your kids’ reading corner as you go.
So there we have it – a few tips to get the kids’ inspired and willing to escape into their own literary universe. Have I missed anything from the list?


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