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A Howl 'O' ween Of A Time At Chessington World Of Adventures

You may have noticed on the blog recently that everything seems to be Halloween related posts. This post will be no different. Last week we were invited by Chessington World Of Adventures to attend the preview for some of their Halloween attractions for Howl'o'ween 2017.
New this year are Creepy Caves Unearthed and Room on the Broom Spooky Story Time. and returning is the Trick or Treat Wood.

Darcy has been hyped about going for weeks and could not wait to don her skeleton outfit, especially as her top glows in the dark.

We started off our evening in the Temple Bar, where we were greeted with some delicious mocktails and canapes. When our bellies were full we made our way into the park.
Darcy's dad made his way straight to The Creepy cave unearthed, which is scariest attraction at Chessington to date. As this is aimed for 10 years plus we decided to take to a trip to The Trick or Treat Wood. We were lucky to be able to take the treat path and were greeted by fairies and pixies on our way. There were amazing costumes and the woods is decorated in such a mystical way you cannot help but feel you are in a different realm.

I am going to be completely honest, any parent of a toddler knows how their child's mood can switch so quickly. Darcy went from enjoying herself to spooking herself out and having a melt down. She did not want to go near anywhere which was dark.

Luckily their Sealife centre was open and we were able to get away and chill her out by looking at all the fishes and other sea creatures they have.

We ended our evening with having some hot chocolates and donuts whilst watching the performance of Room on the broom. The performance is very interactive and D knows the book word by word and really enjoyed the performance.

As we are annual pass holders I am planning on taking her about during the half term. So she can experience it all again during the day, I feel she will enjoy it more.

Chessington is open until late between 20th- 31st of October, There is an extra charge for tickets for the Creepy Caves Unearthed attraction. It is definitely worth a visit if you are brave enough....


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