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The Link Between Pregnancy and Incontinence

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to your body, one of which might be urinary incontinence or bladder weakness, where you experience an involuntary loss of urine. For some, bladder weakness might be mild and infrequent, but in other pregnant women, it can be severe. And unfortunately, it can continue after pregnancy too.
The infographic below is a really interesting read which is why I wanted to share it with you today. incontinence shouldn't be something we should be embarrassed to talk about. Did you know that women aged between 20 to 45, are particularly likely to suffer from an overactive bladder? No? nor did I!! Studies show that women in this age group have a prevalence of nearly 40% with the condition. As you can see below that’s considerably higher than the 17% of women overall who suffer from it.

There are ways to cut this, including reducing your caffeine intake and drinking more water. And if all things fail there are great companies such as Tena who offer a full assortment of bladder weakness products

For more information check out the infographic below!


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