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Monski Mouse’s Christmas Baby Disco

A few weeks ago Darcy and I headed down to Monski Mouse's Christmas Baby Disco at The Spiegeltent Leicester Square.

Darcy loves nothing better than singing and dancing so I thought this would be perfect for her and boy was it just, I saw moves I didn't even know she could do 

Monski Mouse,is a Australian DJ, producer and mum of two. Along with her two fanastic dancers they really know how to get the party started

Now that I am a parent I have no shame, I was on the dance floor with Darcy throwing some amazing shapes I must add and I wasn't alone. It’s not often you see a load of grown adults get down on the floor pretending to be animals.

Christmas favourites were played, along with some children nursery rhymes and even a conga line.

If you want 50 minutes of entertainment for the whole family, this is the Christmas disco for you. You can even buy grown-up drinks at the bar, and sup them at the booths lining the edges of the dance floor.

Make sure you bring your under 5s to Monski Mouse's Christmas Baby Disco and get ready to do some some festive footwork

Monski Mouse's Christmas Baby Disco next dates are as follows;

Sunday, 3 December 2017    Book here
Sunday 10 December 2017   Book here
Sunday 17 December 2017   Book here


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