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Our Christmas Bucket List

I don't know about you but Christmas comes and goes so quickly, and I sometimes miss out on the real fun of the festive season.

That is why I like to have a bucket list, it keeps me motivated and keep track of everything we have and haven't done yet.

A bucket list is the perfect way to make sure you create beautiful memories, and I tought i would share with you what I have planned for Darcy and I.

Make paper chains
Visit a Christmas Market
Have a Christmas Movie Marathon
Make Christmas cards 
Visit a Grotto
Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
Play in the snow
Decorate a ginger bread house
Write and Mail a letter to Santa
Donate old toys and clothes to charity
Go on a winter walk
Have a Christmas sing along
go ice skating
Visiting family and friends 

Are you a fan of  bucket lists? what do you have planned?


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