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Our Christmas Eve Routine*

Happy Christmas everyone! It’s finally Christmas on Monday and we are so so so so SO excited for the big day, but I think I love Christmas Eve probably just as much as Christmas Day; so I thought I’d share  our Christmas Eve routine.

It starts off with Darcy waking me up at silly o'clock, we open the last door of her advent calendar, then she get stuck into her Christmas Eve box, It includes a festive DVD, movie snacks, new PJs, a bath bomb and a plate to put Santa's treats on. Darcy has fallen in love with silver Light up Wooden Star, its battery operated as well.

We spend the afternoon facetiming friends and family, and Darcy and her Grandma have their annual Christmas Bake off. This year it was minced pies, whilst I try to do my last Christmas shopping and wrap up all her presents.

We then settle down to our Christmas Eve buffet, because I'm going to be completely honest, I don't have the time or energy to be wanting to cook, especially knowing the next day, I'll be stuck in the kitchen for half of the day.

Christmas Eve, is not Christmas Eve without watching some Christmas movies, our favourites are Elf and The Grinch. We snuggle down into freshly washed festive theme duvet covers. This year it's these reindeer brushed cotton set, they are so warm and cosy and goes well with my faux fur throw. JD Williams have some lovely homeware bits at the moment. There's normally a bit of pouting as I won't let Darcy have all the strawberry crème chocolates, they are my favourite after all.

Darcy then has a bath with the bathbomb from her Christmas eve box, I always choose Luxury Pud from Lush as it has lavender in it and helps her fall asleep easier, we leave Santa his treats next to the fire-place and head to bed to read Santa Is Coming To Enfield then it's finally bed time and I can have a cheeky Ameretto and cranberry juice.

How do you and your family enjoy Christmas Eve? I hope you all have the most magical day tomorrow and get everything you could possibly wish for.


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