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River Island Kids Christmas Party Wear Fav Picks

It's official, Darcy has a better social life than me! The Christmas party invites have trickle in thick and fast. And it's not like I need a excuse to buy her some new clothes.

River Island have some amazing stuff in their girls selection at the moment. D is like a magpie and loves anything pink and sparkly. So you can imagine her eyes lit up when she saw this pink and silver ombre sequins dress. I am in love with these black metallic cullottes, they need to hurry up and make them in plus size.

At the moment, River Island have an amazing offer on. Spend £60 and save £10, spend £80 and save £15 and spend £100 and save £20. Perfect time to update your kids party wardrobe.

I hope that you enjoyed these quick picks! What will your little ones be wearing during the Christmas party season? What are your faves from the above?!


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