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Why Underfloor Heating is a Luxury Investment for Your Home*

Want to have a toasty warm, comfortable home but don’t want the big heating bills? There is an alternative to spending the winter months bundled up in layers of woolly jumpers and blankets, as highlighted by leading heating specialists Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies.

With the onset of winter, most of us worry about the cost of staying warm in our homes. On one hand, we understand the need to conserve energy and use it as efficiently as possible. But on the other hand, living in a cold environment is not good for our health either.

There is an alternative to bundling up in layers of sweaters and cardigans. It takes investment but as Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies it is an affordable home improvement that brings many benefits.

What is underfloor heating?

It may sound like a new-fangled solution brought about by the need to conserve energy but it is a form of heating that has been around for some time – centuries, in fact. The Romans are documented as having used it to keep their bathhouses warm, places they socialised, as well as washed but it is thought it was used as a heating system for some time before that.

But it looked different, although the principle was the same. Early underfloor heating was known as hypocaust or ‘fire under the floor’. The Romans used the fire to heat the floor and the water too, which circulated around their bathhouses.

Why did we fell in love with central heating?

We fell out of love with it when central heating came along in the 1930s. In the UK, we loved it. A boiler used gas, oil or coal to heat water around a system of pipes and radiators in the home: we were toasty warm, too warm in most of the time.

Over the years, with technological improvements, boilers became more efficient and thus, it did, for a while, become a cheaper means of heating the home.

But it was a luxury that wasn’t to last. With natural resources running low, we need to look at other, more efficient means. And with global warming linked to carbon emissions, we need to be pumping less carbon dioxide, created when we burn fossil fuels – gas, oil and coal – into the atmosphere.

More than just saving the planet and money

An energy efficient home is no longer just about hanging on to as much heat as possible and for as long as possible – it is about comfort. And so, many new builds are taking note of Passivhaus, a standard of building that uses very little in the way of energy to heat it or to cool it.

However, unless you are going to knock your house down and start again, you need to be investing in a heating system that is relatively cheap to run but without compromising on heat.

Why is underfloor heating the solution?

It is not just a biased few from Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies but a realisation of many that wet underfloor heating systems can offer a comfortable level of heat, without costing oodles of cash.

Here’s why;

·         It uses less energy – as a system it fits with your current boiler and if that is relatively modern, young and a combi or condenser boiler, you are all set to go.

·         It runs at a lower temperature – admittedly, compared to a roaring fire or a radiator on full blast, underfloor heat is not at the same level BUT, running at a lower temperature for longer means that it keeps your home pleasantly warm.

·         Radiates heat – radiators heat your home by making the air warm and we all know from our science lessons that warm air rises, falling back to the floor as it cools. This is all well and good, but it is not as efficient as heating a room as radiated heat. Underfloor heating works by the hot water heating the pipes laid in the sub-floor, which heats the concrete or insulating boards around it, which heats the floor which makes the room lovely and warm.

·         No ugly radiators – who likes looking at a radiator? And why were they placed under the window? With underfloor heating, everything is beneath your feet and out of sight.

Pro-active heat control

The days of setting the timer on the boiler in October and turning it off in April are long gone. To gain maximum efficiency and savings from any heating system, you need to proactively manage heat in the home –underfloor heating is no different.

You will save money with underfloor heating but how much depends on a whole list of variables, from how well you control and monitor the temperature in your home to how well your home is insulated.

But, there is no denying the luxury of getting out bed or stepping out of the shower onto a lovely warm floor, just one reason why underfloor heating is the popular luxury investment that it is becoming.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies are a leading company in supplying kits and components that make designing and installing an underfloor heating system a doddle. Connect with them on Twitter @UFHTS


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