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9 Home Appliances That Make The Best Gifts For Newlyweds *

It's hard to believe that wedding celebrations usually only last a day when you take into consideration the planning and stress that comes with it... but there are parts of the wedding that will last for years to come, which include the gifts that are lovingly received from family and friends.

The gift you give will be a lifelong reminder of your friendship with the married couple. A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the fact that your loved ones are entering a new and very special phase of their lives. 

You'll no doubt wish to gift the loved-up couple something special that will help them kickstart their new journey, but working out what that gift is going to be can be a pretty daunting task. 

But fear not, we have some great suggestions below that will mean you're in the couples good books for many years to come. 

Espresso Coffee Maker
Can you think of a better way for a newlywed couple to spend their mornings together than sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee? For many, coffee makes the world go round.
For a new household, an espresso coffee maker is a fantastic choice. If you really want to get something special for the soon to be married couple, opt for a model that is equipped with the ability to grind beans to add some extra aroma to their home. 

Fine Juicer
A fine juicer can be a thoughtful wedding gift, especially if the couple are particularly health conscious. You can choose from various designs and features in juicers that quickly blend fruits and vegetables into a fine juice. 

Options range from a large capacity juicer to models that juice directly into a grab-and-go juice container. This gift will help your dear friends enjoy tasty and fresh juices whilst getting the nutrients their bodies want and need. 

Modern Toaster
A modern toaster can not only toast bread quickly but also accommodate more than two pieces of bread at the same time. Some toasters are even equipped to handle buns and different types of bread, which is great for those who like to experiment with their food. They are fully automatic which means all they will need to do is pop the bread in... and hey presto, they'll have the perfect breakfast for those romantic Sunday mornings together. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners
A robot vacuum cleaner is a smart choice. Whilst it might not initially seem like the most exciting option, it will certainly be one of the most efficient gifts they receive. 

This awesome invention is a fun way to get a rather boring household chore done. It looks impressive and your friends won't even need to be physically present when hovering commences in their household anymore. Robot vacuum cleaners have intelligent programming and work via a remote control or applications that can control the device even from outside your home. It is a convenient way to keep the floors spotless with minimal effort. 

Smart Touch Water Purifier
A smart touch water purifier can be another great idea for your health conscious friends. They are available in different storage capacities which will provide the soon to be married couple safe and pure drinking water. These purifiers have multi-stage purification systems that give the purest form of water. You can get them in vibrant colours and designs that can give a stylish look to the their kitchen as well. 

Travel Iron
A smart iron is the ideal honeymoon gift. Such devices come equipped with a unique ergonomic grip that will help the couple remove creases from their clothes in a matter of seconds. These sleek devices are also armed with a foldable handle that make it easy to carry in travel bags. 

Designer Radiators 
Designer radiators are a practical and aesthetically pleasing gift option. They are easy to install and can be bought in designs that match the interiors of pretty much any room. They are fully automatic and can maintain the room temperature throughout the day, especially in places where the winters can be harsh. They are energy efficient, which will ensure that the newly married couple don’t have to worry about costly electric bills. 

Microwave Oven
A microwave oven is a must have home appliance for a newlywed couple. They greatly reduce cooking and baking time. Food cooked in a microwave is considered healthier as it uses less oil than traditional cooking methods. They are energy efficient too, consuming on average 70-80% less energy. 

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa is the smart virtual assistant of Amazon that makes each and every task simpler. Alexa works on voice command and it can play your favourite music, make to-do-lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, weather and traffic updates. Alexa can handle your routine tasks with so much ease that it will save the your loved ones a lot of time that can be better utilised elsewhere. 

A gift that helps the soon to be married couple set up their new nest will not only be of great help but is also a sweet gesture that shows your love and care towards them.
The gift should be such that they are reminded of you when using it. It could either be a sweet personalised gift or something that helps them build a new home. The choice is yours but we're sure they'll love whatever you choose.


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