Start Shopping Smarter to Save More Money*

Your shopping habits can dictate how much money you spend. Whatever your approach to shopping is, you can find that you fall for certain traps or end up spending more than you would like without knowing why. Changing the way you shop could save you a lot of money and help to make your shopping habits healthier for your bank account.

Work Out If Online or Offline Is Best
For some people, online shopping is too full of temptations, while shopping in-store helps them concentrate more on what they need. Other people find it easier to search for what they want online. Work out which one is best for you and which option helps you stay on a set path.

Get Organised Before Shopping
Before you go shopping for anything, it's always a good idea to organise your thoughts. Make a shopping list of the things you need so you don't impulsively buy things. Do some research into what products are available so that you can make the best choice.

Shop with the Right People
Who you go shopping with can make a difference to what you spend. Go with a group of friends, and you can end up being influenced by them. Take the kids, and they might talk you into buying all kinds of things. If it's hard to find time to shop alone, try shopping online instead.

Know Your Bad Habits
Everyone has spending habits that are less than ideal. But if you know your bad habits, you can adjust your behaviour and spend your money more wisely.

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