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Why a small garden shouldn’t bring your garden experience to a halt*

When it comes to gardens, not everyone is blessed with lots of space. Whilst plenty of us may crave a bigger garden, this isn’t always possible. Rather than resigning yourself to giving up on gardening, you will be incredibly pleased to learn that a small garden still brings you plenty of opportunities to flex those green fingers. 

But why is this? What makes a small garden so great? 

You can still have great garden furniture
One of the biggest concerns to those who have small gardens is that they are not going to have the chance to stylish garden furniture. This really isn’t true. In fact, there is plenty of great choices you can make in garden furniture for small gardens. Garden benches are a great choice. Not only do they offer somewhere to sit, but they also don’t take up too much space too, which is the ideal solution if you are concerned about the room that you have. 

Hang it up
Worried that you don’t have enough floor space to have plants in your compact garden? Well, perhaps floor space isn’t your only option. Why not look a little higher when it comes to finding a home for your plants? Hanging baskets are not only a great way to display flowers, but if you have a small garden they allow you to have the colour that comes from flowers, without losing out on space. The perfect answer for anyone who is worried about room! 

Make your plants portable
Another way that you can have plants in your garden, without taking up too much room is to make your plants portable. There are a number of ways that you can make your plants portable from wheelbarrows to trolleys. Not only will portable plants help you to save space, but as they can be moved, you can move them around and create different looks throughout the entire expanse of your garden. Ideal if you like the idea being able to change things up as much as possible. 

Build a veggie garden
If you are going to use up your garden space then you should make sure that you use it for something worthwhile. This means that a veggie garden is a great idea. Not only will it allow you to get your hands dirty and get growing, but it will also give you something to enjoy at the end of all your hard work! 

You can still have a dining area
It isn’t only a garden bench that you can have in a small garden, you can still have a dining area too. Dining areas don’t have to mean massive tables that take up loads of space, instead you can have smaller tables that are still going to be big enough to eat at, but still give you space to utilise the rest of the garden.

Don’t clutter up the space
The worst thing that you can do if you have a small garden is to completely clutter up the space. A messy, packed full garden is going to make it look more cramped and lacking in space. Not only this, but you will also find that you are going to end up feeling claustrophobic, or that you are living in a jungle.

Embrace the cosiness
If you have a small garden then you shouldn’t always think of it as lacking in space, but rather you should think about it as being cosy and comfy instead. This means that you should embrace it, create a snug or den area with plenty of cushions and soft lighting. Not only will this give you somewhere to head when you want to relax, but it will really make the most of your smaller garden space too. 

Double up on purpose
One of the best ways to utilise a smaller space is to double up on the purpose of things in the garden. Want a seating area? Also make sure that it has some storage too? Want to have a table? Why not make sure that underneath is enough space to store away toys. These are just some of the ways that you can make sure that your garden is the very best it can be. Despite lacking in space. 

The thing to remember with small gardens is that a small garden can still be a great garden. All you need to do is think about the best way to use the space. You can still have plants, you can still have seating, you can still have everything that you want, all you need to do is think carefully about what is going to work the best in the space that you have.


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