Baby Secrets Review*

I thought there couldn't be another collectible series for Darcy to collect, boy was I wrong.

Today we are reviewing a brand new line of toys called BABY Secrets. These little babies are so cute. You can collect 50 different babies, that's 25 boys and 25 girls.

Each pack comes with a bath tub with a surprise mystery baby. Fill the tub with water, and watch the baby's nappy change colour when you put them in - pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Each pack comes with a collector's checklist to record your collection and there’s even a birth certificate for you to fill out your baby’s details!

The full range includes:

The BABY Secrets Single Pack is the perfect way to start your collection, complete with one baby, one bath tub, birth certificate and collect’s guide. 

The BABY Secrets Activity Packs come in four different varieties:
• Pram Pack
• Bassinet Pack
• High Chair Pack
• Rocking Horse Pack

The packs come complete with two exclusive babies, one surprise baby, a bath tub, three birth certificates, collector’s guide and either a high chair, rocking horse, pram or moses basket.

Can you believe we found not one but three ultra rare BABY secrets. Darcy have fallen in love with them so much, that she has added another 9 to her growing collection.

BABY secrets can be found at Argos, Toys R Us and other most good retailers. To find out more about BABY secrets visit the BABY secrets HQ's website

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