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The Best Collection of Educational and Environmentally Friendly Toys*

Kids can’t help but want more toys, and parents can’t afford to cross them by refusing their demand for toys. What suffers most in this scenario is often our environment. To delight kids and the environment, the best way out is to choose eco toys. Here we present a few DIY and commercial options for you to choose from.

Repurposed Toys
The core point is to utilise any discarded item that can be used as a toy available at home. Take a thorough look around your house, especially attic and stores:
● You can use old pots and pans as drums
● Tennis can be played with wooden spoons
● The old toys in usable condition can also be considered

Make Your Own Toys 
To allow the kid to explore his/her creative side, making your own toys is a great way. But it can fulfil the basic purpose if you can utilise the used stuff or waste material. It is also advised to avoid chemicals as much as possible to prevent toxic hazards.
If you prefer buying the toys, check out the following recommendations.
Recommended Educational and Environmentally Friendly Toys

You can pick a one or two from the following choices:

Fruit Crate
It is a little, fine-quality crate full of various wooden fruits. It is ideal for kids aged between 3 and 8 for role-play games.

Vegetable Crate
This vegetable crate is a perfect complement to the fruit crate mentioned above. It will allow your kids to enjoy a delicious role-play time.

Memory Match
‘Learn with fun’ is the core of purpose of educational toys. And this educational and environmentally friendly memory match toy game is just perfect for your kids. It is great to improve kid’s memory. In this box, you will get twelve pairs of furry animals to match.

Jumbo Puzzles
Joining a puzzle game also aims to educate the kids to enhance their hand and eye coordination. This dinosaur jumbo puzzle by Mudpuppy will be a great addition in your kid’s educational game collection.

Walker Wagon
It allows the little ones at your home play in a variety of ways. Its big disk can change its colour, which brings extreme joy to the kids. Its toothed wheel mechanism adds more excitement. It is suitable for kids aged 10 months.

Ball Track Klingeling
Kids love chasing after moving things and see things travel from one end to the other. This ball track is all the fun they need to add in their eco toy kit. The best thing is that it suits the kids aged between 2 and 8 years. 

These toys can certainly delight your kids while you will do a favour to the environment. You can purchase these and many more eco toys from sites like https://www.goodtoplay.com/.
Today, we have confined ourselves to our houses and try our best to keep them clean and maintained. Remember: our lifestyle reflects the effects on our environment. Thus, it is our responsibility to practice environmentally-friendly lifestyle and teach our kids to follow the same practice. 

To help this purpose, opting for the eco-friendly toys is a fun and effective initiative. When you give your children these toys, do tell them why you have preferred eco toys over other options. By and by, we can make a positive change to the environment.


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