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Bringing Spring into Your Home All Year Round*

When the clocks go forward, we all start to get excited for spring – the pleasant warm weather, lighter mornings and evenings and the colourful array of flowers coming into blossom. 

If you want to emulate this warm and fresh feeling all year round, here’s a few ways you can bring some lovely springtime vibes to your home: 

Flowers and Plants
One of our favourite things about spring is all the beautiful flowers– there’s nothing quite like their fresh scent and the pop of colour that makes everything brighter and happier! Well, you can add spring vibes to your home all year round, simply by adding a vase of your favourite flowers to your living room or dining table. 

If you’re looking for something that lasts a bit longer than a bunch of flowers, try looking for a house plant. They’ll not only purify the air, giving it a bit of springtime freshness, but it’ll add some colour and personality to the room too. Try an elegant orchid or a bold monstera plant! 

Floral and Tropical Prints
If you’re someone who struggles to keep house plants alive, don’t worry – we’ve all been there! You can always go for floral and tropical prints in your furnishings instead…
Floral bedding and cushions, statement plant prints and curtains in bold colours can make a big difference in adding some springtime joy to your home. For example, the cute toucan print curtains from Direct Blinds inject some fun into your interiors and they’re a simple way to make a style statement. 

Introduce Colour
If you’re feeling brave and want a bolder way to add some colour to your home, get the paint brush out and liven up your rooms with some fresh and vibrant colours. Pick a statement wall and roll up your sleeves to instantly transform your home into a spring haven.
An alternative (and subtler) way to introduce pops of colour to your rooms is by painting the door frames, windowsills or shelves, whilst keeping the white walls that make the room feel light and airy. 

Spring Clean
Why wait until spring to have a proper spring clean? If you do it bit by bit throughout the year, you can live in a tidy and harmonious space all year round. It means you won’t have as big of a job to do when you embark on the annual declutter at the beginning of the season! Plus, there’s plenty of benefits of spring cleaning, including reduced stress and increased productivity, so it makes sense to do it more than just once a year.


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