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Celebrating National Pet Day with LOL Surprise Pets

April 11th 2018 was National Pet Day and to celebrate Darcy was gifted a LOL Surprise Pet, some cookie cutters and yummy paw print chocolate lollies to get in the spirit of the day.

If your child loves collectible toys and Youtube, then you will definitely know all about the LOL Surprise! craze. If not, where have you been? 

These super fun toys include 7 layers of surprises. Stickers, Shoes, accessories and a baby bottle! Like the Lol Surprise dolls these pets can either spit, cry or wee when they drink from their bottle! Some either colour change.The new LOL Pets include puppy dogs, kitten cats and limited edition ultra rare hamsters.

I love that the sand box was in fact kinetic sand, so it can be reused, and that the accessories can be swapped between the LOL dolls and pets. I have been informed by Darcy that the pets also matches the dolls.

So ladies and gentleman, we would love to introduce the new addition of Darcy's LOL growing family......  Dollmatian! look at her little face she's soo cute. Darcy couldn't wait to dress her and then dip her into cold water to see if she was a colour changer.

After all the excitement of opening her surprise pet, we got stuck into some baking, and the final results didn't turn out too bad at all, if I say so myself

There are 35+ Pets to collect and they cost £9.99 each and can be brought in the usual retail shops. Is your kid LOL surprise mad?


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