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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids in the City This Summer*

Spring and summer are the best seasons for encouraging your kids to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air. However, for those of us who live in cities, even one as large as London, opportunities can be somewhat limited. Don’t let the busy roads and concrete jungle put off your children from spending more time outdoors in spring and summer though. There are various activities which can encourage putting down the Xbox controller and stepping out the front door. 

Pretty much every city has at least one skate park, usually found in one of the main parks. If your home doesn’t, think about where there’s an open patch of preferably flat land that would be good for skateboarding, scooters or roller blading. This could be good for practising before your young ones tackle any ramps or jumps too. Quad roller skates from Skate Hut are a good way to start too, as the four wheels and brake make it easier to balance. 

Nature Walks
Cities are full of nature, just it may not be in the conventional sense that you associate with the countryside. Walking to the local park, down by the canal or river can be a good idea. Increase the fun by creating an eye-spy type card that includes things like a fox, hedgehog, spiders, oak tree or dandelions, to keep youngsters engaged. 

Explore Local Parks
London parks offer a great free day out. Along with regular activities such as playing football, cycling and other games, all parks differ with specific features offering great opportunities. The fountains at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are great for splashing around in on a hot day, while Crystal Palace Park has a brilliant maze and playground too. 

Play GPS Games

Use some of the latest technology to keep kids entertained with one of the many GPS smartphone games. Pokemon Go remains popular and requires walking around outside, while there are a range of geocaching games that can encourage outside exploration. Provide a guiding hand to avoid any potentially dangerous situations arising.  

Outdoor Painting
A less active yet simple way to get outside is with some simple outdoor painting. Set up an easel in your back garden and let your kids loose with the paints, or even take it down to the local park. Other items such as rocks or pottery could be a good thing to paint too, letting them get out in the fresh air and be creative. 

What other fun outdoor activities that are good for city kids would you suggest?


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