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Gardening Tips & Hacks That Will Change Your Life!!

Recently I shared with you 6 tips to get your garden spring ready, however I know sometimes it's hard to find time to garden if you have a busy lifestyle. So today I am sharing with you some of my favourite gardening tips and hacks to make it a little easier for you. 

And best of all, all the tips you are going to see involved items you have at home and can do with the kids over the half term.
  • Find out the PH of your soil by using baking soda and vinegar. Take two soil samples from different areas of your garden. Add vinegar to one sample and stir, if it bubbles – then its alkaline soil. Do the other sample by add baking soda and water and stir – if it bubbles then the soil is acidic.
  • Do not throw away pencil shaving from your kids – use them for Mulching which also prevents weed growth and repels insects
  • make your own Plastic bottle slow water feeding. Easiest one is make small holes in the cork and invert the bottom and insert in soil
  • Make your own biodegradable seeds starting cups using used tissue paper roll card board
  • Do not throw away egg shells – crumple or powder them and sprinkle around your plants to give them a source of calcium. Also repels certain insects like slugs and snails
  • You can make your own labels with ice lolly sticks or large stones,
  • Add used tea waste or coffee grounds into your compost bin for faster composting because earth worms digest them very fast
  • Make your own Seedling watering can, Using a bottle, you can make this in two ways, first by popping out a nozzle by heating the cap
With all these garden tips and hacks you are now ready to start getting your garden spring ready. Sloane & Sons have produced a spring your garden to life with this gardening guide  full of garden inspirations and handy tips. Your garden will be up to standard in no time at all and will you be able to enjoy all your hard work whilst sitting on your garden bench.


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