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Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine (RUHM) At The Roundhouse

CircusFest is back – and this year it's extra special, as the festival coincides with Circus 250, the 250th anniversary of the invention of modern circus. 

Founded in 2009, the programme brings together a raft of international circus talent, with shows performed in venues across London over the course of April 2018.

First thing first, the show is beautiful. We were gripped from the moment it started.  There are no custard pies or red nose clowns, instead you have trapeze, hoops, lots of rope and even some roller skating

Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine is amazing. It is very visual, it's a cross between gymnastics, ballet and the circus. The combination of phenomenal lighting,  and stunning music which captures the mood of each performance perfectly. The performances are incredible and multi talented, they make it look so effortless.

We fell in love with Shaena Bandel on the aerial hoop, she was simply stunning, and as for Ellis Grover aka as Darcy calls him the funny man with the yellow trousers. His tight rope routine was playful and funny and he also balanced himself on a couple of chairs perched on four wine bottles

The show is aimed at children aged 5+, however, Darcy is only 4 and truly enjoyed it. I only had to shush her twice. I cannot recommend this show enough, I mean if my 4-year-old with zero concentration span was engrossed for 2 hours you are bound to love it too. (Don't worry there is a 20 minute interval)

Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine (RUHM) is at The Roundhouse until 15th April 2018.


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