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Travel Hacks for an Easier Family Holiday*

Family holidays can be pretty costly and travelling with one or more children is not without its challenges, but they are so rewarding too. You get to spend uninterrupted time with the people you love the most, and you get to show your kid(s) some of the world when they are still young, and their brains are so absorbent.

So, family holidays are definitely worthwhile, and if you use the following travel hacks, they will be much easier and way more fun too...

Scan Your Travel Documents

Before you go, scan the whole family’s travel documents so that if they get lost in the chaos, you will have proof of your identity etc.

Book a Suite

If you’re travelling with your child(ren), it’s never a bad idea to book a decent suite like the ones you will find at the Quebec City Marriott Downtown and the Staybridge Suites London. Why? Because that way you will have more room and you and any other adults you are travelling with can have a little privacy from the kids. You’ll also be less likely to wake the kids up when they’re sleeping if you have more space and you can close the door between rooms.

Invest in Vacuum storage bags

When you’re travelling as a family, you usually need to take more stuff than you normally would because kids can get quite messy and they often need to change more often. So, investing in some travel vacuum storage bags that will make your bags less bulky and allow you to pack adequately makes sense.

Travel at Night

If you’re travelling long-haul, try to book your flights to coincide with your child’s bedtime, That way they will sleep through a good part of the flight, and you won’t have to worry about them making too much noise of throwing a tantrum.

Include a Stopover

If you’re travelling with young children long-haul, it is probably a good idea to also include a stopover just to give them a break and let them stretch their legs. Booking a hotel nearby that has a pool or a children’s play area is a good idea as it will allow them to blow off some steam without you having to travel too far away from the airport.

Rent Kids Stuff

Did you know that, when you’re travelling, you can usually rent things like high chairs, buggies and cots, so that you don’t have to bother packing it all and taking it with you? If you’re travelling with a baby or toddler this can be a godsend, and most travel companies will be able to advise you on companies who offer rental services, so do your homework before you pack.

Pack Fun Activities

Want to prevent your child from getting bored on the plane and crying for causing a fuss? It’s pretty simple really, pack them a small carry-on with lots of toys, stickers, colouring books and puzzles to keep them busy. If you aren’t opposed to it, you might even want to load up a tablet with games and let that keep their attention until you reach your destination.

What are your best hacks for easier family travel?


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