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5 Ways To Get Your Feet Summer Ready*

Summer is just around the corner woop woop! When I think of summer I think of longer days, picnics, jugs of Pimms and wearing sandals and flip-flops. Oh yes sandals, after neglecting your feet over the winter period you don't want to really be having your feet out just yet. 
Today I am sharing with you some of my favourite hacks to get my feet ready for the Summer season.

Cut your Toenails, this may sound obvious but it does make such a difference to the look of your feet. Make sure you cut your nails straight to prevent ingrowing nails and infections.

Pick a bright colour nail polish, they will make your nails pop. Go for pinks, corals, blues and neon colours. These vibrant colours will definitely make your feet look cute when you are wearing all those open toes sandals during the summer.

Wear flats, wearing heels in the summer can be painful. So give your feet a break and switch to flats for a while. Trust me your feet will thank you for it.

Treat yourself to a foot mask, Lush volcano foot mask is one of my favourite. It's perfect after being on your feet all day. Not only does it cool your feet, the pumice in it acts as a foot scrub as well.

Invest in a pair of slippers, walking around the home barefoot can actually cause your feet to get dry and cracked. A good pair of slippers will keep your feet nice and comfy.

Now that your feet are now Summer ready, it's time to treat yourself to some new footwear. As you should know by now I love a bargain so I was pleased to see there are loads of new discounts available on Groupon too

I have spoken so many times about my love of on line shopping so being able to use a discount code and save a few pennies while I am at it is even better! I am actually a massive fan of Groupon deals. I've used Groupon for lots of things from spa days, to discounts on glasses and meals out. They have discounts for just about everything!!


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