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Mind Blowing Psychology Facts*

It is no secret that psychology is fascinating. Of course, it could appear to be more fascinating to some of us than others.  However, the idea that our brains have so much of an impact on our lives as a whole. Well, that is something that is tricky to get our heads around.  
There is so much to learn about psychology that it would be hard to summarise it up in just a few paragraphs, however, what we can do is to give you a variety of mind blowing psychology facts, all of which help you to understand more about it and how it could be more important to your mood, your career, your family and your social interactions then you may realise.  

The placebo effect is real 
Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Usually, it relates to those who take a “sugar pill” for some variety of illness, before feeling better? The idea behind this is that our mind is powerful enough to cure some issues and if it thinks that it is taking something that will cure a headache or perhaps make our muscles feel less tense, then it is going to act on this.  

Everyone experiences déjà vu at some point 
That feeling that you have been somewhere before, or that you have had a conversation before, that is déjà vu. We don’t know why these overwhelming feelings appear, but we do know that our brain has something to do with it. It could be down to a dream, or perhaps a similar experience that we have had in the past but perhaps forgotten about. Whatever it is, there is a reason why people feel it from time to time.  

The biochemical make-up of love is not far from that of OCD 
When you love someone, it can feel at times as if you are completely obsessed and besotted with them. This is because our brains react to being in love in a similar way to how they would react if we had an obsessive compulsive disorder. Chemically speaking. Of course, as time goes on these chemicals will balance out, which is why we start to calm down on our inherent nature to want to spend all our time together, before developing a deeper love for that person.  

You can trick your brain 
This is particularly true when it comes to a bad night’s sleep. Of course, long term low quality sleep is something you need to resolve, however, if you have just had one bad night then you can often tell yourself that you are not tired and that all is well, which will make you feel more alert and ready to face the day.  

Happy people bring happiness 
Do you find that you feel at your best when surrounded by those people who are smiling and love life? Chances are that you do. It is a well known fact that positive, happy people are going to have a positive, happy influence on how you feel. We mimic those around us, so, it makes sense that by surrounding ourselves with happiness, we are going to feel great too!  

We love music because we have an emotional attachment to it 
There is a reason why people may decide that a song is their favourite. Rather than simply enjoying listening to it, there is often an emotional attachment to it. Usually due to a particular person or event. Each and every time we hear the song we will remember that time and we are going to feel pretty amazing. Hence, meaning that we want to listen to it more and more.  

Your brain treats rejection just like it would an injury or physical pain 
Have you ever been rejected? Perhaps you have been turned down for a dream job or you have broken up with someone that you love? When this happens our brains react to the reaction as if it was something physical. Bringing you not only sadness, but in some cases, actual physical pain too.  

If this has ignited a passion in you to learn more about psychology, then why not check out NCC’s online psychology courses? These are designed to not only help you to uncover more about this fascinating subject, but do so whilst you still manage your own life. Whether that is helping to raise a family or focusing on your career. With online learning, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and in your own time. 


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