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Your Ideal Home Changes With You*

If you have a very clear idea of what your perfect home decor should look like, you might want to delay your home improvement works. Indeed, most homeowners don’t get to create their dream decor until they have old children. What is it that many of you wait so long before they can finally express their inner self in their interior style? There is, undeniably a financial reason, at first. It’s fair to say that for many new households getting the perfect furniture that matches their personality can be an expensive hole in the budget. Besides, what you need in your home when you first move in may not be the same than when you are a busy parent with your own family. So, it’s easy to understand that it takes time and effort to create a home that understands and fulfills your needs. As your life changes, your home imperceptibly adjusts and adapts. The teenager bedroom you found so cosy growing up has now become a nightmarish vision of what your interior should never look like, for instance. But, as each home grows, the question remains: What does your ideal home look like at different stages of your adult life?

First home - IKEA and recycled style
For students and young adults, the best interior style is inexpensive and practical. In fact, a lot of first-time tenants rely heavily on borrowing unwanted furniture from their relatives. It doesn’t quite matter if nothing goes together at that point. As long as you’ve got a bed, a table, and a chair, you’re content with your life! There are too many challenges that come with your new independence for you to worry about interior homogeneity. As you start working, your interior becomes a veneer paradise. The favourite furniture brand for Millennials is IKEA, and it would be foolish to ignore the advantages of some of the most iconic items from the Scandinavian giant. Billy, the book shelving unit, for the very first item of flat-pack furniture and it’s been popular since its creation in 1979. The lack table is another trend, especially for students, that comes in a variation of colours.

Awaiting a baby = a new and soft decor
Your need for decor shifts when you expect a baby. For many families, having a child gives them the perfect opportunity to create a homogenous decor that brings their home together. At the heart of the interior, the nursery room is furnished with quality items from shops such as www.for-your-little-one.co.uk. Gradually, the soft sense of togetherness that appears in the baby’s bedroom spreads throughout the house. That’s when most couples decide to upgrade their decor the baby will grow up in a safe interior.

Family home = finally your style
Finally, it’s only when your child is old enough to wander safely inside without risking accidents bumps and injuries against sharp corners, that you can finally embrace your true decor dream, such as Bump and Beyond Blog. From stylish shelves to luxury lounging chair, there is a lot you can do to create a unique decor when you don’t need to baby proof the home anymore.

From a student’s home to a family home, your interior style evolves with you. If you’re dreaming of a sophisticated decor, beware: you may have to wait until your kids are old enough!


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