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7 Top Family Adventures In London This Summer *

The summer holidays are almost here. It’s time to organise some awesome adventures with the family. One of the troubles with trying to book a family adventure is trying to get that fine balance to get something which will please both adults and kids. So I’ve knocked together a fantastic list of fun and educational things to do in London this summer for you and the kids.  Alternatively you can check out other options available to families.  Harry Potter – a perfect way to merge together fun for all the family by visiting the movie sets of the Harry Potter movies. Top Tip: go to Kings Cross station first and check out the exit to platform Three and Three Quarters, before catching the train to the main experience.  Always best getting there early as the crowds build up very fast.  Buy your tickets online first to avoid the queues.   

Shrek’s Adventure – It’s the most popular attraction in London, according to net mums, and it’s not hard to see why. There are superb immersive 4D virtual reality ride and lots of DreamWorks characters to keep the young ones entertained.  Live actors play a certain part and get the kids involved so they will have a great time. Afterwards you can get your picture taken with several of the main cast.  

Jack the Ripper, Walking tour – If ghost tours and creepy fun is your cup of tea then you have to try out the famous Jack the Ripper walking tour. It’s a real whodunit mystery and very educational. You’ll discover exactly what life was really like back in Victorian London. Top Tip; wear comfortable shoes and make sure to bring a camera as the East End of London is rapidly changing every day. What you photograph today, might be gone tomorrow.  

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham palace – nobody does royal displays like Buckingham Palace and the kids will love the horse cavalry marching up and down the Royal mall. Top Tip: get there early as the crowds do get quite intense.  Perhaps look online for some of the best Westminster guided tours in London which will get you into the parade ground to see the horses up close.  

Explore the Golden Hinde, a full-scale reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake’s famous sailing galleon - The great part of this experience is the adults can be educated about the history of the ship and the kids can pretend Captain Jack Sparrow on a pirate vessel. There are also some great little eating places all around the ship. It’s fun and educational and no doubt the kids will eventually learn about in school, so at least they get a head start.  

An exhilarating ride down the river Thames on a speedboat tour- This really is something else, and a clever way to see all those the sites of London whilst the kids just soak up the thrill of being on a fast speedboat. The speedboats usually start around Temple Station and go down as far as the O2 Arena, so it's well worth it for that moment you zoom under the famous Tower Bridge.  

Madame Tussauds Wax museum – I think the whole family will enjoy a visit to this iconic building and see all the celebrities and characters from the world of history, film and music.  Tussauds strikes that perfect balance with both adult and children as they merge all the characters together for a great day out. They’ve recently added a Marvel superhero section, so it just keeps getting better.  


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