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What To Know Before Buying An Enagement Ring*

In the world of quick fashion, the thought of wearing something forever  is not for the fainthearted. How is anyone supposed to be tied to one style of anything forever!? Whether you're a Groom-to-be or looking to up your Pinterest board game, it's never a bad idea to figure out what type of engagement ring is the best fit for the love of your life or yourself. 

Work out your budget, not only will this help you keep out of debt, it will keep the jeweller onside and they will be able to how you options in your price range. Plus don't be afraid to negotiate a bit off the price. 

Find out her ring size, this can be tricky, the easiest way of doing this. Is finding a ring your love one is not wearing and bring it with you to the jewellers to be measured. Make sure it is one that you have seen worn on the ring finger, as this maybe an expensive mistake to make. 

Pick the engagement ring band, you have a variety of metals to choose from, from yellow gold, rose, white gold, platinum and even silver. You can also mix different types of metals 
 Now you need to know about the 4 C's Cut, clarity, Carat and Colour.  

Cut refers to the shape of a diamond. Oval shapes are becoming more popular, classic round is timeless which you cannot go wrong with. Cushion has been a popular cut for some time now. Emerald cuts are rectangular in shape and look very elegant. Princess diamond is squared shape and then there is radiant, just like its name it is very sparkly. Those are a few of my favourite shapes, however, there are many more to pick from. 

Clarity refers to the stones and perfections know as Inclusion. 

Carat, the term the bigger the better is not always true when it comes to diamonds, also different cuts in the same carat weight can look very different due to how deep or shallow the stone is. 
 Colour, there are five diamond colours on the chart. Colourless near colourless, slightly tinted, very light yellow and very-very yellow.  
 Now you are armed with all the information you need to be able to pick the perfect engagement ring, which she will love and wants to wear forever 


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