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Sudocrem Play More Campaign & Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I have been making the most of weather. And being much more active with Darcy and spending more time outside. Sudocrem have recently launched their Playmore Challenge in a bid to get more children playing outside.

Sudocrem carried out research and found that children are spending around 45 hours a week in front of a screen and only 4 hours playing in the great outdoors. This year, they launched the campaign with the help of Chris Packham and carried out further research looking at the relationship between children and insects. They found that a staggering  9 out of 10 children (89%) were unable to recognise a butterfly even though there is an abundance of native British insects, with around 27,000 insect species calling the UK home. Moreover, 51% didn’t know what a Bumblebee looks like. And, surprisingly, 1 in 3 (29%) didn’t realise that bees make honey.

As part of the campaign, Sudocrem are also offering nurseries around the UK the chance to win support for play ground regeneration or a mural, which will be painted by award-winning artist, Joy Pirkle.
To make a nomination, go to the Sudocrem website and complete the nomination form. You have until 31st of August to vote!

Chris Packham from BBC Spring Watch is joining our campaign to provide more nurseries with support to improve their outdoor play areas. We’re also giving away “My Little Adventure Packs” with instructions on how to make your very own Bug Hotel, T shirts, caps and much more.

Outdoor play is important, says Chris Packham, “I was very fortunate when I was a child because I was encouraged to interact with the outdoors- looking under rocks and searching under logs and hedges to find creepy crawlies. If you just open your eyes, you’ll see that there is an incredible natural world out there waiting to be discovered”

To help you have fun outside with your kids Sudocrem have given me an amazing Play More Adventure Kit to giveaway to one lucky winner. Inside the pack you will find;

Play More t-shirt
Play More sun hat
Bug Pot
Butterfly Net
Magnifying glass
Trowel or fork
To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below.

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