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5 Easy Ways To Get Freebies*

Being a single parent means we only have one income. So I am always thinking of ways to save money and budget. I have shared with you how tips on saving money on your food shop and tips on keeping cost down helpme day go day. Another way that I save money is by looking out for freebies. I mean who doesnt love a freebie? Today I'm going to share with you 5 ways how I get freebies, 

Write to companies
Companies love nothing better than hearing good feedback about their products. If you are really impressed with a product why don't you use a Head Office Finder to get their postal address and find them a letter. I have done this before and have received a thank you letter back with either a voucher for money off my next buy or a sample of one of their newer products.

Become a "Comper"
Set up a separate email account, so your personal email account is not spammed with junk mail. You can have more than one email address if you want to enter more than once. Competitions can be found on Twitter, Facebook and website such as The prize finder.

This year alone I have won a hotel stay, DVDs and gift vouchers. So it is definitely worth taking some time out of your day and entering a few competions. Around Christmas time there are a lot and I mean a lot of competitions available. So that will definitely keep you busy.

Join freebie websites
Use the same email account that you created for entering competitions and use it to register with websites that offer freebie. I've seen theatre shows for free via seefilmfirst, and moneysavingexpert.com have a forum where people list freebies that they have found online

Complain, Complain, Complain
I would never complain about anything until I lived with Debz, who is never shy to pipe up if she is not happy with a service. We always laugh about the time my Internet wasn't working on my mobile and she spent a good hour on the phone asking to speak to the manager. Which resulted in me not only getting refunded for every day I couldn't log on-line but being put on a much cheaper contract. Which just goes to show it's good to complain. But only ever complain if you are actually unhappy, not any of this "there's a fly in my soup" business!

Be a product tester
If you don't mind being a test dummy, you can test products and in return for your views you get to keep the item. Some companies will give you a product to view in return for leaving a review on amazon.

I have tested things from bath bombs and hair oils to wireless speakers and kitchen thongs. It can be very hit and miss but I only ever leave honest feedback.

So that was my 5 tips on how to get freebies, do you love a freebie?


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