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5 Reasons Why A Driving Experience Will Make The Perfect Gift For The Woman In Your Life*

I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with buying gifts for people. I am not a fan of buying something just for the sake of it, preferring to put thought and effort into buying something I know they'll love. Over recent years I have really enjoyed the idea of giving presents that create memories - anyone can buy someone a new dress or a DVD, but when you buy experiences you create memories that last forever. This can be done by sending them out for dinner, or something unique like experience days.

I love the idea of an experience day as it is something a little different.

She Won't Be Expecting It

I think buying something that someone isn't expecting is amazing. Not only will they get to enjoy the experience you send them on, but the thrill of opening your unexpected present and the anticipation of the big day is priceless. I can honestly say that none of the women in my life will be expecting something like this, so it would make the perfect present for many of them.

You Can Enjoy It Together

When I give a present, I don't do it because I want thanks - but that said, creating memories together is something really special. One of these driving day experience is easily something you can make into a whole day - go for dinner afterwards or even treat yourselves to a stay in a swanky hotel!

It's Unique

Honestly speaking, these days are unique so who wouldn't love it? You can pick from different cars, so whatever the female in your life likes, there will be something to suit!

It's Affordable

I can't always afford to treat my friends and family as much as I would like, so any ideas for affordable gifts is good by me. I love this type of present because it is all about the experience not how much you have spent. It's a present that they're going to know you have given thought to, and that is what makes it so special.


Lots of my friends (like yours I am sure) fun family homes, work busy jobs and have vibrant social lives so getting together can be tough. When I looked into these driving experience days I loved the flexibility of times and locations, so I can be pretty sure that we'll be able to find something that suits all of us!

What unique gift ideas would you like to share?


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