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5 Ways to Make a Family Holiday Affordable This Summer*


Being a single parent money is sometimes tight, so I have learnt to be more money savvy in every part of my life including holidays. It is possible to go away on holiday on a smaller budget and today I’m sharing 5 ways you could cut costs on a family holiday to make it more affordable.

Go on a Stay-cation
Last summer Darcy and I went to Bournemouth for 3 nights and had the best time ever, which shows you do not need to go aboard to have a great holiday. As this Summer has amazing with the whether it is the perfect time to explore the UK. If you do not fancy driving, train and coach tickets are so cheap if you hunt around. I've been to Cardiff on the Megabus for £1, yes £1 each way!
If you are like me and live in the city, escaping to the seaside is great for a change of scenery. Many seaside towns have B&B's, caravan sites and camping facilities which can also help cut the costs down.

Snap up a last-minute holiday
If you really want to go aboard, a last-minute holiday is great for saving the pennies. This is what I am actually planning to do in the next few weeks as Darcy doesn't start reception officially till the middle of september.Places in Europe like Gran Canaria or Majorca usually have the best deals for September time as it’s coming to the end of the summer.

As I will be restricted in the future on when we can go on holiday due to her being at school, I have already been looking for cheap Holidays to Spain for 2019 and have found some good bargains. It also gives me time to save up slowly so I do not feel the pinch nearer the time.
Be open-minded with your location
If you are prepared to be flexible with here you want to go on holiday, you can find some good deals. Whilst searching the net I have found some really good deals for places like Bulgaria, somewhere if I am honest I wouldn't have thought of visiting. Some places will cut their prices nearer the end of the summer as they will have rooms to fill.

Think about going Self Catering
It is the cheapest way to go on holiday, most hotels are near supermarkets where you can stock up on supplies. It is always a great way to explore where you are staying, as when you are staying all-inclusive you are tempted to stay in the hotel as everything is in one place. Being all-inclusive also means you won't find any hidden restaurants gems where you can sample the local delicacies.

Going self catering also work out cheaper if you are travelling in a large group. That money you have saved could go towards a day out or petrol if you are driving.

Travel on a budget airline
Flights can be expensive, especially if you are booking last-minute. Use a comparative site as such as Kayak or Skyscanner, try to be flexible with your dates and travel on unpopular days such as Tuesday. If you are going on a short-haul flight you don't really need luxuries. Yes I know no fills airlines can be a little tight on space, however airlines such as Easyjet always have great deals and think to yourself is it really worth an extra £100 for a bit of leg room.
You don't need to go into the red to have a great holidays and I hope this tips have helped you save a few pennies.


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