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Interior design ideas to please the whole family*

With the Autumn days and darker nights getting ready to draw in, we’ll be spending more time in the family room so shouldn’t they be as warm and welcoming as they can? 

But for who? Your idea of a perfect family room might be very different than your partners – and unless you’re an adult gamer or love cartoons – and your children.  

The layout, style and features of a family room or living room as we used to call them have to have something for everybody if they are going to enjoy spending time there.  

Here are some ideas to create something for everyone in the main living space: 

Play Room
Not everybody has space for a separate playroom for younger children, or may not want to create one but there can be one corner of the main room dedicated as a fun play are for the kids.  

Think about it – without one, the toys can quickly take over and make you feel like you are living in a giant soft play centre. By turning a specific space into a Kindergarten, they will feel valued and can be given the lifelong and important responsibility of keeping it tidy.   

It can be done tastefully with splashes of colour and subtle but important storage spaces dedicated to toys, gadgets, arts and crafts materials and more.  As the children grow these storage spaces remain and can be used to house gadgets and whatever else is going to be in five years from now.  

Nothing can reinforce the idea and membership of a family than pictures of the members in the room. Any bare section of wall, shelf space or cupboard is a great spot and if the frames are kept identical in colour and their sizes, it will re inform the group dynamic.   

Choosing one or two of your favourite family pictures from holidays or great days out and converting them to large prints will create warm centrepieces that everyone will remember. 

Tech Talk 
Modern technology and gadgets are ubiquitous but the newer designs for flat screen 4K TV’s and colour coded wifi speakers and routers mean that it can be incorporated into any living room style perfectly.  

Floating shelves can be incorporated to elevate any screens and speakers you wish and modern assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo can be hidden behind plants or ornaments. They are voice controlled so as long as they can hear you, you don’t have to see them! 

The family that games together stays together so make the space compatible for a family viewing and gaming experience. A couple of colour coordinated beanbags cost less and take up far less space than chairs and can keep the space informal and comfortable – even if you are entertaining big kids for a movie or a match. 

Family Friendly Flooring
The modern flavour of wooden floor is here to stay but it can be brightened up with a large or several smaller rugs.  Keeping the room tidy and free of clutter is also imperative but different colours and materials will offer an interesting aspect.   

Having a thicker or woolly rug will also be great for kids’ feet and to sit on when their friends are around. Even more so if they match the beanbags.  

Open Spaces
A modern design idea that will function all year round is increasing the light in a room. But what if you could also open up the wall to let nothing but light in and take advantage of great weather days? 

Installing some powder coated, colour-coordinated aluminium bifold doors is an elegant solution and provides a variety of fourth wall options to rethink any family room arrangement.   

With increased light and ventilation coming into the room, it will feel like there is more space available for everyone – and it’s a quick and easy way to get the kids more active in the outdoor spaces and you will be able to see them easily from the sofa! 


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