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I’m going to be honest with you, I am not the most romantic person. The last romantic getaway I had, I just found out I was pregnant with Darcy and let’s just say I spent time being sick, than relaxing and feeling the love.

I was with the girls recently and we were sharing our romantic breaks away stories and it got me thinking if money was no object. Where would I want to go? How much would rent a private jet cost for the holiday and is this even possible when we don't own a share in one?After browsing Destination2 website I have narrowed it down to these 4;

With those famous crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives would make the perfect place to head to get away from it all and just enjoy peace and quiet, stunning views and amazing 5 star service. If you are an adrenaline junkie you can try diving, snorkeling or paddle boarding too, as well as getting the chance to experience really fine dining, exotic cocktails on the beach. Doesn’t it sounds like pure bliss! The weather is pretty much sunny all year round but with the peak time being December to February, this would make the Maldives a perfect romantic getting away in the colder English months..

Nestled amid the Indian Ocean, off the East African coast is an archipelago of 115, yes 115 beautiful islands! The Seychelles have miles and miles of soft sand, amazing coral reefs and turquoise waters which makes it the perfect romantic getaway.

The Seychelles is famous for its luxury resorts, that offer spas, body tingling massages, stunning views, 5* services, private pools, elegant rooms and more have attracted innumerable couples for a romantic adventures for years. With so many islands, you can go island hopping with your partner and experience one of the 65 beaches.

My family is originally from the Caribbean and I can confirm there's no place quite like the Caribbean when it comes to romance. If you are a foodie you will love Barbados from street food to fine dining. Barbados will awaken your taste buds and be sure to sample the seafood andworld famous rums.

If you love a night out, you'll be spoilt for choice. Find yourself a beach bar and dance the night away to calypso, reggae and soca.

I have actually been to Marrakesh before, which I shared in My Favourite Holiday Moments. There are some stunning hotels and Riads. Think lavish decor, tranquil courtyards, lush gardens and traditional hammam. There are also lots of romantic activities to do in Marrakesh from hot air balloon rides, having dinner under the starry lights of the Sahara or embracing yourself in the culture and visiting The souks, traditional markets and do some shopping.

What is your ideal romantic getaway?


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