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Tips for finding your personal style when redecorating *

Sometimes, it can feel tricky to decide how you would like to revamp your home visually. You might recoil at the sight of the home into which you have recently moved, but as you pore over various decorating styles on Pinterest and in magazines, you could still struggle to settle on just one style. 

Perhaps your tastes are simply too electric or obscure to fall into many narrow, previously-defined categories. Here are some ways of pushing yourself closer to deciding where exactly your heart lies. 

Consider your long-term passions 
Many of us have hobbies and interests in which we have been regularly engaged even as far back as childhood. For example, friends and family might have known of your strong fondness for red as a kid - and, if you still like that colour, you could incorporate it into a new redecorating scheme. 
Still, there remains nothing wrong with subtly updating such elements to reflect how you have changed since childhood. For example, pairing red with black could create a darker, more adult look. 

What would you choose if your budget had no bounds? 
While you might lack a bottomless pit of money, you could still list every single decor item for which you would love to shell out if you didn't have to fret about your money becoming fully depleted.  
Through mentally throwing off the fetters in this way, you could open your mind to less orthodox ideas to which you might have previously put little serious thought. Don't worry if you don't proceed to buy any of these items, as you would still develop a clearer perception of your genuine passions. 

Have a look around your garden  
You might already habitually do this if you are an avid gardener - but, whether or not you indeed are, you could also take in the sight of neighbours' outdoor spaces and more public settings. 
Follow HuffPost's advice to ask yourself why you love these spaces. You could also determine which aspects of them repel you. Incidentally, in gazing around your own outdoor space, you might see a damaged roof blighting the backdrop, leading you to Google "roofing repair companies near me". 

Make a dream destination come true  
For plenty of us, there are particular places in which spending time can feel utterly blissful. Where do you most yearn to visit, whether for the first time or repeatedly?  
If you would love to sit back in an elegant Parisian hotel, you could add touches of romantic glamour to your home. On the other hand, if your idea of fun is more feeling the gentle breeze on your skin just outside a beach house, tropical motifs could make more fitting additions to your home interiors. 

Don't be afraid to mix and match multiple styles 
Many of us have a broad spectrum of preferences when it comes to interior design. If you are among these people, take heart from Freshome's insistence that "it's not only acceptable to embrace these different tastes and styles, but it is encouraged!"


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