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Visiting Legoland with 365 Tickets*

Last week Darcy and I visited Legoland Windsor as guests of 365 Tickets on the hottest day of the year! 365Tickets are an online retailer of tickets for lots of the UK’s biggest and most popular attractions, sightseeing tours and exhibitions.

First thing first I have to say about Legoland it is massive! I had no idea how big it was going to be. We travelled by car from North London and it took just over an hour.
Our first ride was the Spinning Spider ride, as the queues were really short. Think spinning teacups with spiders, we really enjoyed the ride and it is perfect for nervous children.

Darcy spotted the Jolly Rocker which is similar to Chessington World of Adventures Black Buccaneer.

We let the kids blow off some stream at the Castaway Camp, which is a playground area with climbing frames, nets and more. There are also a few picnic tables around the area which is perfect to have lunch and a breather during rides.

The longest ride of the day was the Balloon School, a balloon ride which offers views of the park. You can pull the gas valve cable to life the balloon higher.

We also got to go on Laser Raiders which is based in an ancient temple. You use laser guns to shoot your way through a labyrinth, full of evil mummies, traps and skeletons

Our favourite ride was Ninjago the ride, part of the Ninjago, It uses '4D' effects of heat, smoke and wind, along hand gesture-activated motion detection. It is such a good ride and once again brought out Darcy's competive side.
We were knackered by the end of the day, so we got the Hill Top train back to the start of the park.

We are already making plans to attend LEGOLAND Windsor again. This time we will be definitely getting a two-day ticket, as we didn't get a chance to go on all the rides we wanted to.
Tips and Hints
I would recommend downloading the free LEGOLAND Windsor app to your smart phone before you arrive at the park.  The app provides details of wait times, stage show times and more importantly, an interactive park map. 
If you are not the only responsible adult and your children are different heights. I would recommend splitting up for a while and doing rides separately.
Take swimwear and a small towel. I totally forgot to pack ours so we were unable to take advantage of the Drench Towers which is the UK's biggest splash park.
If you can afford it, pay extra for Q-BOT, It works like fastpass at disneyland Paris (except no paper tickets involved), you pay per person using the Q-Bot and a deposit for the fob. It cuts down on your queuing time which is perfect in the summer holiday period when it's busy
Bring water bottles, there are water foundations around the park, which is perfect for the hot weather or if you are looking to save a few pennies. As the drinks are a little expensive.
If you are put off going to LEGOLAND due to the price of the tickets... don't be!!. It's totally worth it and thanks to websites like 365tickets you can find the perfect deal to suit your budget.

I have to say the LEGOLAND staff we came across were friendly and polite especially in the heat. They looked like they enjoyed their work which radiated when they spoke to customers.
LEGOLAND Windsor we will be back for Halloween!!


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