Where Can You Find Ideas for Home Decorating?*

A stylish and on-trend home is possible but finding the latest ideas can be problematic, especially when some sites say one trend in hot and another says not to do it. Take a look at the best places to find the best ideas for home decorating. 

Know your interior designers 
Just like fashion, if you are serious about home décor and style, you need to know your designers. If nothing else, you can develop your appreciation of trends that could be coming your way and how to apply them to your home and space. 
This is a worthwhile move even if your budget doesn’t stretch to the designer price tag. 
Knowing you’re a-list of interior designers means you can see their trademark notes and ideas.  

For example, Kelly Wearstler is known for her global luxurious style whereas, for the modernistas amongst us, Peter Dunham is a favoured name. 

Interior design magazines 
The next place to look is to see what interior design magazines, in print and online, are making of the latest collection from established and new designers. 
As you would expect, there are a whole host of interior design magazines. Look for articles that pull together the latest trends using colour, or ‘trends for the year’ kind of articles. 
They look to designers for inspiration and will often translate how we can use their ideas in the busy family home, a skill that many of us aren’t quite able to translate. 
They will also show you various ways of decorating your home, as well providing a list of high street and online retailers where you can buy the must-have items. 
Check out the top 10 interior design magazines, online and in print for more inspiration. 

High street stores 
Buying from the high street is the place most of us search for the ideal chair, sofa or dining table, preferring to see and touch the furniture before we buy. 
It makes sense too because the colour reproduction of photos online may not be true to shade or finish of the wallpaper or furniture item that gets delivered. 

High street stores will often replicate designer items but by doing so, place them within your price range. And with your chance to take a closer look, you can get a feel for whether the item is right for your home or not. 

How to’ guides 
How to guides are great for helping you understand the principles behind decorating and styling a room. 

Colour is usually the most difficult choice for many of us. Just how do you choose the right shade, mix and match colours an
d then there is the whole question of how to successfully mix different styles of pattern. 
The web is a vast place and full of ideas, as well as well-written how-to guides. For example, how to choose a colour and shade for a room is guided by many principles, other than your own personal preference. This is covered in this how to choose a colour for a room, a great start if you really have no idea. 

Interior design bloggers 
Another great source of inspiration which has mushroomed in recent years is taking a look at the personal blogs of other amateur interior designers and home decorators. 
Home interior bloggers are a fantastic source of information and ideas, as well as giving out handy tips on what to do and what not to do. 

And don’t restrict your search to British bloggers either, although they do have some amazing ideas. There is an infinite number of interior design bloggers across the globe, many of which have some great ideas to try. 
Why not take a closer look at the interior design blogs that a top interior design magazine recommends? 

Social media sites 
Both Pinterest and Instagram could be sites that also show you how to make the right home decorating choices; 
  • Pinterest is an online scrapbooking site which is perfect if you like a certain colour, style or item that another user has posted to their board. You can see where they have acquired certain items, ideal if you want to find it. 
  • Instagram is perfect as a source of inspiration, a chance to see and share what others are doing in terms of home décor from across the world. 
Online retailers 
And finally, check out what online retailers are offering not just in terms of products for sale but their blogs too. 
Online retailers are often specialists in their field, such as Sloane and Sons’ tub chairs and wingback armchairs are commonly featured in articles and blogs across the web. These online retailers will give you great ideas on how to incorporate certain items, colours or styles too. 
Where do you get your inspiration? 

Sloane & Sons work with their customers to produce the results and style in their home and workplace that they want – and within budget too! 

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