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Last Minute Party Planning Ideas*

Ah, hosting the Christmas party. It's your turn and suddenly you need to come up with a theme, a guest list, a menu, the entertainment, the decorations--all at the busiest time of the year. But never fear because believe it or not, you are only a click or a phone call away from getting teverything you need for your party. It'll kick your party up a notch or two and make it hassle free for you all in one go. You ready?

First off, you need to decide where to host your party. As it is last minute, hosting the party in your home maybe be the best idea. Get some friends or family members to help you set up, put those valuabes and breakables some where safe, move some furtinure around for space and decorate to room to your theme. You canget the kids involves by making paper chains, it will also keep them busy. So you can get on with other things without being intrupted.

If you do not fancy hosting at home you could looking into hiring one of many party houses. They perfect for gathering groups of friends, family or colleagues, corporate events, special occasions or as stag do venues.

For a work christmas party, see if you can use a board room for a few hours. If not many resturants have rooms you can hire or you can look into hiring out a area in a pub. Many places will have a christmas set menu which will suit every dietary needs.

You'll need entertainment and depending on your guest list (young, old, mix, coworkers, family, etc) as it's a Christmas party you're creating so why not invite the jolly old elf, Santa, himself? You've got fun right in the palm of your hand when you rent out a performer for your special day.

For children parties, keep it simple! Kids love parties foods, party time can often mean an excuse for overloading kids with sweet treats! But do you really want a bunch of sugar-fuelled kids running around your house?! The trick to serving healthy party food is to make it look as appealing as possible to the kids. Buffet food such as; String Cheese Snowmen and christmas pudding cake pops are so simple to make.

For office parties, a great thing to do is to make funny awards up, either in the form of made trophies or just certificates that you have printed off the computer. These can be for anything from 'first to arrive at the office each day', 'the one who always makes the coffee', 'the one who never late for work', 'the one who always wears a quirky tie', etc. and is a great way to 'award' coworkers for their silly habits. All in good fun of course.

So those few a few last minute christmas party ideas to help you get started, I hope you found them useful. Do you have any parties ideas you would like to share with me?


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