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Winter Lights at Canary Wharf 2019

Over the weekend we headed down to Canary Wharf to have a look around the Winter Lights, I have heard so many good things in the past about it that I couldn't wait to see what was on offer.

For 2019 sustainability, recycling and the environment is a theme running through the works. Braving the cold, Darcy and I both loved wandering around Canary Wharf looking at the amazing light, music and interactive displays, proving that lights are not just for Christmas.

The Winter Lights Festival was lots of fun,and is perfect for all the family. We will be visiting again during the weekday rather than the weekend as it was super busy and we missed out on lots of the installations as we rang out of time.


Floating Islands

Floating Islands

Colour Moves


To visit, head to Canary Wharf from 5:00pm. The event is free and is on display until January 26, so you still have a few days to see it. Please be aware that some installations have flashing lights, and do not forget to wrap up warm!!



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