Pop Pops Pets Series 1 Review*

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that Darcy loves collectibles. So imagine how hype she was when she found out about Pop Pops Pets. 

Pop Pops Pets are collectible pets that come in bubbles filled with slime.You get to pop the bubbles to reveal the slime and surprise. There are either pink or purple slime and lots and lots of pets to collect.

Darcy has done an unboxing over on Instagram, do check it out as she is a budding Youtuber in the making.

There are 60 Pop Pops Pets characters to collect and there are a total of seven groups: Kittens, Seals, Sloths, Llamas, Penguins, Piggies and Wiener Dogs. There are common, rare, super rare and special edition to collect. Darcy decided she wanted to keep the slime, so will popped them all into a container. At the time of this review going live, the slime is in really good condition.

Series 1 includes; 3 and 6 starter pack, 12 deluxe pack and Poptropolis Carousel Play Set. There is
1 surprise pet inside for every 3 bubbles .

If your child love collectables and slime? They will love these Pop Pops Pets!! They are available to buy from Smyths Toys store and online

Special thanks to Yulu Toys for sending Darcy these Pop Pops Pets! I’ve earned some serious Mum’s points. We received the influence box to review, however, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

Choosing the Right Fragrance for a Night Out in London

Prior to having kids, most women have a range of perfumes to wear for a variety of different occasions. However, as time goes on (and raising children becomes a priority), mothers often rely on one favourite fragrance for all occasions. If they bother wearing one at all!

If you’ve got out of the habit of wearing perfume, now’s the time to embrace it again – especially if you live in a vibrant city like London. Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right fragrance for you.

Selecting a fragrance for a night on the tiles

First, ask yourself the following:

Where will you be going? Your destination may well influence what sort of perfume you wear. For example, if you’re having a dinner in a restaurant with a friend, you might want something more casual than if you’re going out for cocktails.

What will you be wearing? If you’re getting dressed up in a sexy skirt and towering heels, you’ll want a perfume that’s sensual and exotic. If you’re slinging on a pair of jeans and an elegant blouse, something more casual might be better.
You’ve probably seen pheromones perfumes or sprays advertised. Many promise to make you more sexually attractive and guess what they do!

What do you like? Fragrances can have a powerful effect on our mood. Work out what sort of scents make you feel happiest (or most desirable, or however you want to feel!). For example, citrus ingredients lift the spirits, whereas oud oil and sandalwood are good for making you feel sultry and attractive.

Putting them to the test
Whatever you do, don’t buy blind. Do your research first, and find out what’s in some of the most popular designer fragrances out there. Usually, they’ll fall into one of the following categories:

  • Fruity – dominated by scents like lemon, bergamot, apple or mandari
  • Floral – with notes of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang or lavender
  • Sultry – featuring ingredients like oud oil, amber, sandalwood and ambergris
  • Unexpected – with unusual aromas like mint, pink pepper or pineapple

The best thing to do is to test them all out. Department stores will usually spray some on your wrist – but this is a bit limiting, as you can only try one at a time. Some online stores, like the designer-inspired Copycat Fragrances, have 5ml tester bottles, and each contain a few applications. This is useful for road-testing the scents in a range of different situations.

Ask your friends and family
It’s always useful to get opinions from others. You can always trust your friends to be honest about whether the fragrance suits you or not (sometimes brutally so), and family members are usually happy to share their thoughts too. Your children will also chip in their opinions, though how seriously you want to take them is up to you.Then, when you’ve identified some great fragrances that you like, purchase a smaller bottle (it’s better to start small, then buy a larger size when you’re confident it’s for you). Now, all that remains is to hit Soho and gau
ge everyone’s reactions.

Teaching the kids in the garden vegetable patches*

One of the best ways of keeping your kids interested in the garden is to have a vegetable patch. In this article we will go through some of the fastest growing vegetables that will help keep the little attention spans interested and hopefully teach them some of the basic skills of gardening along the way so let’s get started with some of the quickest growing veg and how to look after them.

Growing lettuce in the vegetable patch - but watch out for slugs
Lettuce is a great start for the kids because it’ll grow very quickly. Typically we can get a good crop of lettuce within 21 days. If the soil is well looked after and worked into a fine grain plus watering is taken care of daily then you are sure to have the kids excited with what you can produce from the garden, and so quickly too.

“One thing you’ll need to watch out for is the slugs and snails. Personally I like a natural slug repellent over chemicals repellents. One great way is to pop down some sand, eventually it’ll make its way into the soil and improve drainage in time. They really do not like the course granules and it’ll really put them off.” According to Shelly of https://www.gardentoolbox.co.uk. Her theory seems well backed up by some prominent names, Wikihow certainly agrees sand is a great way to repel slugs too.

Baby carrots grow really quickly
Baby carrots are a great one for the kids because they grow very easily and have a high success rate. The best thing is they are really tasty and in the right conditions will be ready for eating in four weeks. They will need looking after and watering regularly but the results are quick and it will be a real confidence booster to your kids when they see the fruits of labour from the garden.

I’ve always had a lot of success getting the kids to eat baby carrots and that stems from two things really. Firstly, they always see bugs Bunny on TV and with all the drive of kids programmes promoting the idea of seeing in the dark and whatnot, they tend to want to try them. The second factor is that once they tried them, it was an instant realisation of just how tasty a baby carrot is, and for that reason it’s one of my top picks for the vegetable patch when involving the whole family.

Get started in Spring ready for Summer
Spring is the time you look to revive the garden, we have spent months not doing anything in the garden and the vegetables are a great place to start along with cutting the grass and cleaning up the barbecue and washing off the garden furniture. Don’t let time slip by too much, take full advantage of the first warmth in March or April, I know this year has been a cold start but there have been a couple of days. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the next warm day and heading into the garden to get the vegetable patch started with the kids, it’ll improve the garden for a family as a whole over the Summer.