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Teaching the kids in the garden vegetable patches*

One of the best ways of keeping your kids interested in the garden is to have a vegetable patch. In this article we will go through some of the fastest growing vegetables that will help keep the little attention spans interested and hopefully teach them some of the basic skills of gardening along the way so let’s get started with some of the quickest growing veg and how to look after them.

Growing lettuce in the vegetable patch - but watch out for slugs
Lettuce is a great start for the kids because it’ll grow very quickly. Typically we can get a good crop of lettuce within 21 days. If the soil is well looked after and worked into a fine grain plus watering is taken care of daily then you are sure to have the kids excited with what you can produce from the garden, and so quickly too.

“One thing you’ll need to watch out for is the slugs and snails. Personally I like a natural slug repellent over chemicals repellents. One great way is to pop down some sand, eventually it’ll make its way into the soil and improve drainage in time. They really do not like the course granules and it’ll really put them off.” According to Shelly of https://www.gardentoolbox.co.uk. Her theory seems well backed up by some prominent names, Wikihow certainly agrees sand is a great way to repel slugs too.

Baby carrots grow really quickly
Baby carrots are a great one for the kids because they grow very easily and have a high success rate. The best thing is they are really tasty and in the right conditions will be ready for eating in four weeks. They will need looking after and watering regularly but the results are quick and it will be a real confidence booster to your kids when they see the fruits of labour from the garden.

I’ve always had a lot of success getting the kids to eat baby carrots and that stems from two things really. Firstly, they always see bugs Bunny on TV and with all the drive of kids programmes promoting the idea of seeing in the dark and whatnot, they tend to want to try them. The second factor is that once they tried them, it was an instant realisation of just how tasty a baby carrot is, and for that reason it’s one of my top picks for the vegetable patch when involving the whole family.

Get started in Spring ready for Summer
Spring is the time you look to revive the garden, we have spent months not doing anything in the garden and the vegetables are a great place to start along with cutting the grass and cleaning up the barbecue and washing off the garden furniture. Don’t let time slip by too much, take full advantage of the first warmth in March or April, I know this year has been a cold start but there have been a couple of days. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the next warm day and heading into the garden to get the vegetable patch started with the kids, it’ll improve the garden for a family as a whole over the Summer.


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