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Moj Moj – Itty and Crunch Series – Review*

Welcome to the world of Moj Moj, the latest in collectables toys from MGA - the same people who brought us NumNoms and LOL Surprise. Darcy has watched her favourite Youtubers unbox Moj Mojs so you can imagine her excitement when we were sent some to review.

First off we unboxed the The Moj Moj Ittys which are miniature squishys! With 5 tiny little characters in each colourful pack openng these are guaranteed to be exciting. Darcy loved opening them up and giving them a big ole squish.

There are 150+ to collect and each jelly squishy comes in a mini form. There are also rares and ultra rares that you can find. Darcy found the BIG KAHUNA ultra rare that is part of this itty series.

The new Moj Moj Crunch series! Each Moj Moj surprise container transforms into a house for your Moj Moj that can be pinned to a wall or stacked in a tower. These collectible cuties come from Scrunchies, Cosmic Crunch, Krispitties, Star Beams, The Captains, and Softees clubs. There are over 30 Moj Moj Crunch characters to collect filled with glitter, crunch, foam, sand, or jelly balls

The Crunch series are Darcy's favourite, she loves the sound of them and said they felt very relaxing. I love that the Crunch series come with little cube, so they can be stored away nicely.

Do your kids like blind bags and mystery toys? Yes? Then Moj Moj are the toy for you!

* we were sent these Moj Moj in exchange for a honest review


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