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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids with Vikings*

These quick and easy Halloween kids crafts can be made in under 30 minutes and best of all no special tools or skills are required, so ANYONE can make these.

We had lots of fun making these quick and easy Halloween crafts, with a package of craft supplies we were sent from Viking.

Viking is one of the largest suppliers of office stationary in the world, selling everything from photocopying paper to coffee. Not only can you stock up on office supplies you can also find lots of creative items to get crafty at home with too.

Halloween cards

kids will love-making their own hand print ghost, hand print pumpkin and hand prints Frankenstein! And the best part is they are really easy to make!

What you will need;

Colour card
Black Sharpie
Googly eyes

1. Fold your green card in half. Trace the hand print so that the pinky is on the folded part of the card. Cut out the hand print being sure to leave the pinky part uncut so that the card will open at this part.

2. Paint or use a sharpie to colour the top of the hand black to make the hair. Add some zig zag lines in the hair when painting.

3. Draw on the eyebrows and mouth.

4. Glue the googly eyes on top of the eyebrows.

1. Fold your orange card in half. Trace the hand print so that the wrist part is at the folded part of the card. Cut out the hand print so that the wrist part is not cut and the card will open up at this part.

2. Draw the pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth using a black sharpie.

3. Cut out a small stem from a darker green and glue down.

4. Cut out a small strip of lighter green and wrap around a pencil to make it curl. Then glue down to the stem.

1. Fold a piece of white card.

2. Trace your hand print so that the pinky is at the folded part of the paper. Cut out your hand print leaving the folded side where the pinky is so the card will open up. Watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this post for full details on how it opens!

3. Draw on a mouth and eyes with a black sharpie.

Halloween Mummies

This string wrapped mummy craft is perfect for keeping the kids busy. Try hanging several of them up together on a string to make a spooky display.

You will need;

Googly eyes

1. Trace the template on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. You can also free draw a shape, like i did.
2. Use Glue Dots or tacky glue to glue on your googly eyes.
  3. Tape the end of your string to the back of the card and begin wrapping the yarn around the face of the mummy, leaving a space open for the eyes. Continue wrapping the mummy all the way down and wrap each of the legs.

4. When you are finished wrapping your mummy craft, tape the end of the yarn onto the back of the mummy.

Halloween masks

These Halloween masks are an easy and inexpensive Halloween craft for kids.

What you will need;

Mask template

1. Download or make your own template and draw on card or other heavy weight paper so they won’t tear

2. Once you cut them out, let your imagination go wild and design them how you like

3. Punch holes for the string. Thread elastic string through the holes on the side and the masks are ready to go.

A big thank you to Viking for providing us our Halloween package, we had loads of fun getting our craft on.

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