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Why It Is Important To Keep Kids Learning Over The Festive Season*

We are officially in December, the Christmas countdown is finally here. While all children should enjoy this festive time of year, a break from school doesn’t have to mean a break from learning. 

The Christmas period can be a constant juggling act. With days outs, or you may be travelling abroad or visiting relatives. You might have things booked in such as a Newborn Photoshoot which is perfect over the festive season with your little one, or trips out that you need to schedule in. All of this at the same time as encouraging your child to do their homework which they have brought home from school and keeping their motivation and enjoyment of learning as much as possible.

There are numerous ways you can encourage your child's learning over the Christmas time, without them even realising.

Keeping a diary

They can record what they get up to each day, people they meet, anything new they've learnt, etc. The diary will also be a nice keepsake for them full of memories. It is also a fantastic way to help to them practice their handwriting.

Your child should continue to read whilst off school. A trip to the library is a great way to explore new reading material. To make it more fun you could always look for Christmas theme books. There is time to do a Christmas book advent calendar for the 12 days of Christmas.

Day trips
Going to see the Christmas lights, a nature walk or a visit to a museum is a low-cost way for children to have fun whilst learning. Have a look on Pinterest for free printable that you can take along with you.

Play board games
Board games such as snake and ladders, Scrabble and Monopoly encourage skills such as problem solving and spelling. They are also great learning resources. English/Language arts and maths. They all go from “boring” subjects to “can we do that again tomorrow” subjects when you’re playing. It is also a way to keep them away from the TV and computers and have some quality family time.

Get creative
Encourage your child to use their creativity and knowledge to build projects from household materials. In doing so they will learn new skills, practise existing ones, and at the end, have something to be proud of.They can also make lovely Christmas presents for families and friends.

If you feel your child needs more of a structure learning then looking for English tutors in London is one way to keep up their learning. Private tuition could help them not simply thrive in school, but also enjoy their lessons without fear of not completely understanding.


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